Let us help you achieve NABH Accreditation

20 years of healthcare engagement with hospitals of various sizes

What are we?

We are a knowledge services organization helping organizations like yours achieve NABH accreditation. With over 20 years of healthcare engagement with hospitals of various sizes we ideally poised to help you achieve NABH accreditation.

We have experience of working with organizations which have ISO, JCI and NABH accreditations and engaged with organizations like Narayana Hrudayalaya and Apollo Hospitals. We have worked with organizations with 10 beds to over 500 beds in a single location. We have worked with hospitals of various single and multi-specialities.

We understand the specific needs that each one of you have for your organization. We approach each of the hospitals with individual perspective but with the richness of the experience that we carry, and we are uniquely positioned to understand your specific needs.

We not only enable your quality processes, but also get engaged with the various training and documentation requirements that you may have.

Our policies and packages are designed to meet your specific requirements and allow you to undergo the journey towards accreditation at your own pace, without being hurried through by any external agency.

We understand NABH, the macro-healthcare environment in the country and most importantly, we understand you and your needs. Call us for that special advisories that are designed only for you!

What We Offer?

We offer specific NABH accreditation consulting services. We offer complete documentation kit, which you can customize and use it the way you feel is best for your hospital, and that meets the NABH accreditation requirements.

Additionally, we also do a detailed inspection of your hospital to create a document that highlights your specific hospital and the gaps are specific just to you. This will allow you to address the gaps at your pace, without the imminence of any external force.

We also offer an initial orientation to your entire team, at your convenience, in your premises.

If you need further guidance and engagement with us on a continuous basis, we could provide that also, subject to availability.

How is it Beneficial to you?

NABH pre-entry level accreditation, is valid for a period of two years. NABH accreditation is a MUST for all hospitals that have insurance tie-ups and offer various cashless benefits to the patients.

Ayushman Bharath, the world’s largest healthcare insurance scheme is announced, it is likely to be administered by private insurance companies, and this againis likely to call for NABH accreditation.

NABH accreditation is not only a necessity under the IRDA Act, but is a quality system. NABH Accreditation, means that the hospital is following quality guidelines and offers quality services which is beneficial in the hospital attracting patients in the future. NABH does not have a minimum number of beds and encourages even small healthcare facilities to be accredited to promote quality healthcare services in the country.

NABH accreditation for the hospital would mean:

  1. Continued relationship with insurance
  2. Higher pay-outs from government schemes like Arogyashree and Ayushman Bharath
  3. Indicates high level of quality compliance to your patients

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